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Much Ado About the City Charter Election

At least this is true in League of Women Voters circles. However, Leaguers are disturbed over the apparent apathy on the part of the part of the general public and so far as funds and woman-power will allow the Voters Service committee is attempting to do something about it.

Orchids (verbal, if not otherwise) to Ruth Myers and all of the women who helped to distribute 10,000 flyers urging people to register for the Charter election. The effort received widespread favorable comment from the community -- and the workers found most passersby courteous and interested.

Coffee hours are next on the agenda. The Voters Service Committee has several speakers prepared to make a 15 minute presentation of the highlights of the Proposed Charter and the Proposed Alternatives. However, more hostesses are needed. Why not have a group of friends over for coffee and call Helen Fine (77-901) to secure a speaker.

If your club or PTA or any such Group is meeting in the near future and would like to have a quick five minute "spot announcement" concerning the Charter election, the League will also be happy to provide this service. Helen Fine (77-901) will handle these requests also.

DID YOU KNOW that at the last general membership meeting held on April 14th the League voted to support the Charter as finally proposed by the Charter Commission? While many felt that some of the Supervisors' Alternatives had merit, they also felt that to try to educate and vote on the Charter in piecemeal fashion would result in a Good deal of confusion. The League feels that although the Commission's Charter is far from perfect it is much better than the present set-up and is not beyond change and improvement in the future.


Why not write a letter to the editor of the Star Bulletin and the Advertiser in favor of the Proposed Charter? (These letters should be written as individual citizens and not in the name of the LWV.)

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