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Candidates Questionnaires

As usual, the League will ask candidates for city office this fall to give their views, and the local newspapers will give space to the replies. Three questions were selected by the Board, with replies limited to fifty words each:

  1. What do you think will be a major issue facing the City-County government in the next two years, other than financial?

  2. What action do you advocate to attract new industries to Oahu?

  3. Under what circumstance do you think use should be made of the 1955 legislation whereby sub-dividers of more than 10 acres are required to offer playground and school sites to the city at ''raw land" value?

The Honolulu League, being local and not territorial, does not normally query territorial candidates, but will do so this year by special permission from the National League, because these candidates will act on the City Charter. The questions to be asked are:

  1. Do you favor legislative adoption of the City and County Charter as written by the Charter Commission? If not, what changes do you advocate?

  2. Do you feel that the retail sales tax should be applied to food and medicine?

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