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A big hand to Laura Draper and her committee for an excellent job on the Questionnaire.
Read her report!

Report on Questionnaire

As reported in the September Bulletin, the League this year sent a questionnaire to candidates for the office of Mayor and for the Board of Supervisors, and another questionnaire to candidates for the Legislature. (see September Bulletin).

Members of the League talked personally with all the City-County candidates whom they could reach and twenty-one of the twenty-four returned replies. Returns from the candidates for the Senate came in well, also; fifteen of the nineteen aspirants responded.

Sixty-five of the 111 House candidates returned questionnaires; the highest percentage of replies was in the Manoa-Waikiki district, with 80%; the lowest was in the Kapalama district with 25%. The remained ranged upward from 50%.

In 1956 a questionnaire was sent by the League to candidates for the Board of Supervisors and the office of mayor. The Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin published the individual answers. This year the League was interested in carrying out the same plan, but including candidates for the Legislature. Since this was a considerably enlarged project, Blanche Smith and Miss Draper consulted the two papers as to the feasibility of attempting it. The Star-Bulletin felt that it was probable that they could not handle it. The Advertiser agreed to publish the material, summarizing where necessary.

It was a surprise and disappointment to have the Advertiser limit their report to a a news story, published on September 30, analyzing the responses, with special emphasis on the charter.

A great deal of work on the part of many League members went into the project, as well as time by the candidates answering the questions.

This material, however, will be made available to voters before the General Election. Plans are now in the making!

To chairman Laura Draper's report, above, she adds her thanks (ours, too) to the members who participated:

Helen Fine, Anita Flynn, Harriette Goesting, Genevieve Schutte with the assistance of the League Board were the committee on the questionnaire.

Those who conducted the interviews with the candidates were: Juanita Braude, Isabel Cornelison; Jessie Eyman, Helen Fine, Terza Meller, Dorothy Thomas.

The typing was done by: Margaret Wright, Isabel Cornelison, Kathleen Barker, Dorothy Randall. The chairman participated in the three above activities.

The stencil was made by Harriette Goesting, and Jeannine McCullagh did the mimeographing.

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