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Units Underway

We are happy to announce that LWV members will again have an opportunity to participate in small discussion groups -- the unit meeting. Designed to complement the general membership meetings the units will provide more opportunity to explore League agenda items.

Opel Sloane is heading a morning unit in the Waialae-Kahala-Aina Haina area. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 22nd at 9:30 am at her home at 1057 Noio St. Helen Fine will lead the discussion on the Candidates Questionnaires -- a timely topic just before the general election. Anyone interested in a morning unit -- no matter where you live -- is invited to attend and bring a neighbor.

Pat Hiserodt (252-517) and Dorothy Thomas (227-010) are both willing to organize units in the Windward and Wahiawa areas respectively, but because we have fewer members in those areas they are having some difficulty in getting a group together. If you know of any women in those areas who may be interested in the League and its program please call Pat or Dorothy.

We also hope to find someone to chair an evening unit which would center in the Manoa-University-Waikiki area. If you are interested in a unit of this kind call Jeannine McCullagh (773-168).

November unit meetings will study and discuss local water resources and problems. How much do you know about Honolulu and its Water problems?

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