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Voters' Service Report on Questionnaire

Three League members stayed by their telephones during the four evenings preceding the general election to answer calls regarding candidates' questionnaires. (See Oct. Bltn.)

The League had announced the availability of this material through "Letters to the Editor" in both daily newspapers.

Although not more than fifteen calls were received, it seems worthwhile to have offered the service. The publicity reminded the public that it is the aim of the League to give assistance to voters, and indicated to candidates that as wide use as possible was being made of their questionnaires.

The members who participated were Alison MacBride, Grace Smith, and Laura Draper.


Among the notes from candidates tucked in with their answers to the questionnaire were the following:

"It is with pleasure that I return the enclosed questionnaire. Your organization should be complimented for the fine service that it performs in the interest of good government, and for making Hawaii a better place to live in."

"Your organization is to be complimented for its active interest in good government, particularly with regard to those candidates seeking election."

"My sincere thanks for this opportunity to participate in your survey."

"May I, as a citizen and as a candidate for public office, take this opportunity to thank the League for its continuing and active interest in the development of a politically informed citizenry."

"Keep up the good work!"

Laura Draper

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