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Carrie Chapman Catt Centennial

January 9, 1959, marked the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Carrie Chapman Catt, reminding us of a life that benefited women, not only in our own country, but in others.

We remember that a generation of struggle put the woman suffrage amendment in the Constitution in 1920, and at that time Mrs. Catt had already set in motion the organization of the League of Women Voters to make women informed and effective citizens, and to help women in other countries attain the vote. And we recall that when she died, in 1947, the League established the memorial that she would have valued, and that fitly recalls her work; the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, to spur citizens in this and other countries to active, intelligent participation in government. Even League members may not know that the Fund works more abroad than at home, filling requests for publications and - more important -requests to send groups abroad, individuals who can bring them experienced help, and that the work of the Fund (originally thought of as a five-year temporary project) grows and flourishes more and more.

The Newsletter of the CCCMF is fascinating, with brief items of Fund representatives responding to calls in Brazil, Africa, Greece, Italy, Japan, Ceylon, and with news of USA communities which have received visitors from far lands. On each side, there is this discovery; the problems, the traditions, the solutions differ; the dedicated spirit that looks for the solutions is everywhere the same.

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