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Passage of the City-County Charter by the 1959 Legislature
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Carrie Chapman Catt Centennial
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Amending the Charter
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From the Finance Committee
Time to Think of 1959-60 Officers

From the Finance Committee

The 1958-59 Finance Drive is officially over, but it doesn't mean it's too late to send in your contribution. We'll be very glad to hear from you.

The Committee takes this means of thanking the many members who contributed generously to this drive and also the members who gave of their skill and time in carrying out the drive.

(And the League adds its very special thanks to the members of the Finance Committee. They are:

Lillian Austin
Lillian Johnson
Margaret Beruan
Allison McBride
Mildred Kosaki
Ruth Aiken (volunteer)
Ah Jook Ku Maki
Ichiyasu, Chairman

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