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As Citizens of the 50th State

Members of the Honolulu League are well aware of the national and international problems our Senators and Representatives will face when they go to Congress. We know how important it is to send capable men and women with a broad outlook to represent us. How many of our friends are thinking in these terms?

Our National League has submitted a statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in support of increased United States subscriptions to the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. How would your choice for Senator stand up to this problem?

Our National President, Mrs. Robert J. Phillips, wrote to President Eisenhower stating, "The League of Women Voters of the United States is most concerned about recent administrative actions which appear to reduce rather than to expand opportunities for greater trade among the nations of the world". She cited the rejection of the lower bid of the English Electric Company for two hydraulic turbines for the Greer's Ferry Dam in Arkansas in favor of Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton of Philadelphia "to protect national security interests", Mrs. Phillips said, "We find it hard to believe that awarding this contract to an English concern could conceivably put our security in jeopardy".

These are problems our Senators and Representative will face.

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