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Your Charter Resource Committee has not been idle. At the hearing called by the County Committee the League was ready to present a statement on our position. However, as you perhaps noted in the paper, the hearing was not held. But our statement was in the hands of the chairman when the vote was taken to have no more hearings -- we were not late in getting our statement in.

A flyer was presented to all House members on Monday, March 23, urging a Yes vote on the Charter, as voted by the people.

A statement is being readied to present to the Oahu Select Committee of the Senate when that committee calls for a hearing on the Charter Bill.

The Charter Bill, H.B. 18, passed third reading on Wednesday, April 1 as written by the Charter Commission and voted on by the people, It was passed with a large majority but the significant vote was on the motion to amend the Charter made by David McClung. The vote was 23 to amend, 27 against the amendments.

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