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What's New in the Honolulu League?

As result of action taken at the annual meeting several things are new:


President, Opal Sloane (Mrs. George E.) 774-357

1st V.P. Ruth Myers (Mrs. Ralph S.) 707-012

2nd V.P. Alice Scott (Mrs. Arlen M.) 98-741

Recording Sec. Mrs. Grace Smith 92-231

Corres. Sec. Dorothy Thomas(Mrs. Warren C.) 227-010

Treasurer Margaret Wright 76-175


Laura A. Draper Bulletin 995-168

Helen Frederick Publications 932-392

Maki Ichlyasu Publicity 997-202

Lenore Johnson (Mrs. Donald D.) Voters' Service 32-941

Alison MacBride Finance 78-897

Liesel Philipp (Mrs. Perry) Local Agenda 774-402

Mrs. Dorothy Randall Nat. Agenda 11 991-962

Mildred Saunders Nat. Agenda 1 98-887

***The above chairmen will be glad to know in which committees members are interested.

Units Starting in the autumn, special emphasis will be placed on units. The consensus at the annual meeting was that units are preferable to monthly membership meetings and that effort should be made to develop them.

Local Agenda Item "To study waste disposal and other factors contributing to air and water pollution in the City & County of Honolulu and to take action to promote effective control of such pollution" will be the new item for the League. Efforts will continue for an adequate charter, a new jail and a medico-legal investigative system.

Budget The 1959-1960 budget is for $1221, as was the 1958-1959 budget. Does any organization do more with so little?

Changes in By-Laws Copies of By-Laws are available upon request.)

Dues Annual dues are now $5.00. Increased expenses, both local and national, necessitated the change. We hope that the increase nay enable us to stop dipping into our small surplus. Any member who fails to pay her dues within six months after they become payable will be dropped from membership.

Elections: The by-laws were amended to permit the secretary to cast a ballot for every nominee, when there is but one nominee for each office.

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