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Continuing Responsibility - The Jail

For three years the League has been working to secure a new City-County jail which meets the standards of a modern correctional institution. Now architects' plans have been prepared and League members have opportunity to learn about them at our June Meeting.

At the annual meeting we voted to include the charter, a medico legal investigative system and the jail as our continuing responsibilities. With the adoption of the charter, the first two items cease to require intensive action; let us turn our energies to bringing the achievement of a satisfactory jail to a successful conclusion.

There's MANY A SLIP between the architect's drawing board and the completion of an institution. Our active support is important. Please put June 17th on your must list. And before the meeting read "The Blackest Disgrace in American Local Government---the County Jail", Readers' Digest, May 1959, page 111.

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