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City-County Charter and the Legislature (Opal Sloane)
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Congressional Round-Up
Air and Water Pollution / Foreign Policy
U.N. Day -- October 24
Federal Government and Water

Air and Water Pollution / Foreign Policy

The above are two program items which the League will study this year. Committees are now working upon material for discussion at the Units.

At the Foreign Policy meeting on October 20th Mrs. Genevieve Schutte will review "Protracted Conflict", a report of the Foreign Policy Research Institute on communist strategy. Mildred Saunders, chairman, will be glad to hear from members who would like to join the group and assist in preparing material. Call her at 965-312 on Monday evening, October 19th.

Liesel Philipp is chairman of the committee on Air and Water Pollution, the subject to be discussed at the November Unite. October field trips are planned to 1) the Department of Refuse Collection and Disposal (incinerator and open dump burning areas ) and 2) Oahu prison, where garbage is converted into compost. Call Liesel at 774-402 or Helen Fine at 770-901 about time and meeting place.

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