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Federal Government and Water

The Federal Government and Water

Unit meetings started briskly in September with good attendance and interested discussion. The focus was upon regional management of water resources, including regional machinery and equitable financing.

The October Units will deal with management on the Federal level. From the Water Resource Committee comes the following:

"Do you know that the code of Hammurabi (20th century B.C.) established priorities for water use? Water for man and beast first.

"Do you know that we are in a period of water development comparable to the building of railroads in the period from 1860 to 1900?

"The more League members study our national water problem, the more convinced they are that greater coordination is essential at the Federal level. The question is, what can be done when in the Federal government there are 25 agencies with a major concern in water resources and 18 concerned to a lesser degree.

"To know the fascinating details pick out your Unit and come with a bag full of ideas---and oh: Don't forget your reading. See "Who's for Tennis" in the September National Voter."

Consensus Questions for October

  1. Do you believe better organization of the Executive Branch is needed to provide greater coordination in over—all planning in water resource development?

  2. Should effort be made to eliminate inconsistencies and conflicts in basic policies between Federal agencies?

  3. Should executive and congressional procedures be developed which could offer alternative choices before plans are formalized?

    References: Little Drops of Water, On the Water Front, LWV National Voter, see especially the January and April 1959 issues.

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