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National Agenda Items 1960-1962

The Honolulu League recommends to the National Board that only one item be placed on the active agenda for the next two years and that this be Foreign Policy. The statement reads:

"Evaluation of U. S. Foreign Policy, including East-West relations, and continued support of the U N system, world trade and economic development and collective security."

This is the statement as expressed at the 1958 LWV National Convention, with the addition of the words underlined.

If a second item is to the placed on the agenda the Honolulu League recommends the following:

"Study of measures which can be taken by the Federal Government to improve the protection of citizens against harmful products and misleading and fraudulent advertising."

Education was a close runner-up for second place. It is very possible that it will be chosen at the 1960 Convention; many leagues were interested in it in 1958 and it lost by only a few votes.

The above and other items were discussed at the October Units, the Unit reports were studied by the Committee on National Agenda, and the recommendations of that committee were adopted by the Board at the November 4th meeting. They now go to the National Board.

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