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Air and Water Pollution - A Progress Report

The November Units discussed air pollution vigorously. Refuse disposal was the major topic; many members favored sanitary fill and composting, as far as feasible, since they make productive use of waste,. There was a good deal of interest in the possibilities of exhaust controls for buses and trucks.


The committee met with the land and Harbor Commissioners to learn about the possible use of Honolulu reef land for sanitary fill. They talked also with the chief City Engineer. He has assigned two engineers to full-time research on refuse disposal by incineration or dumping at sea. In his opinion these two methods offer the only permanent solutions.


An invitation has been received to attend a meeting on composting which will be addressed by Dr. John Snell, an authority who is on a world tour inspecting leading composting areas in Europe, the near and far East, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Composting of City Wastes
Agee Hall, HSPA
1.30 p. m. December 17th


Air and Water Pollution will be resumed at the March Units.

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