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An early spring legislative session and autumn elections are before the Honolulu League this year.

The legislature convenes on February 17th in a budget session. Although this does not primarily involve city-county business, bills may be introduced which would affect the city-county charter. We shall watch proceedings with this in mind.

The ballots for the city-county elections will be a change from those of past years. The only elective offices are now those of mayor and nine councilmen. One of these will be elected from District 8,one from District 9, and one from District 10; the remaining six will be elected from the city at large. This means that three of the candidates will campaign from out-of-town districts. The League will have to decide what methods to use this year to help acquaint the electorate with the candidates. Here is opportunity for stimulating, educational activity for League members, along with real service to voters.

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