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Local Agenda and Continuing Responsibilities

The Units have discussed the program for the coming year, the Board is in agreement with their thinking, and it is recommended that the current agenda item be:

"Study of Waste Disposal and Recommendations for the Most Effective and Economical Methods to be Used by the City & County of Honolulu."


It is recommended that the League retain as Continuing Responsibilities two of the items which have been carried as C.R. this year.

"Securing a new City—County JAIL Which Meets the Standards of a Modern Correctional Institution, Providing Adequate Security, Segregation and Rehabilitation."

"Replacement of the Present Coroner's Office of the City—County of Honolulu with a Medico—Legal Investigative System."


It is recommended that the charter become the responsibility of Voters' Service or a special committee which would observe implementation by the City and County and be alert to developments in the legislature or elsewhere which might affect the charter.

If action by the League seemed necessary at any time, the item could be placed on Current Agenda in accordance with the By—Laws, which state "Changes in the Current Agenda in case of altered conditions may be made provided that: (1) information concerning the proposed change has been sent to all members at least two weeks prior to a general membership meeting at which a change is to be discussed, and (2) final action is taken at a succeeding meeting."

Since the 1960 session of the legislature is to be devoted to the State budget, need for emergency action by the League seems unlikely.

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