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Committee for National Agenda Item 1, April 1959-March 1960

The Committee sponsored two series of unit meetings and two general membership meetings.

The unit meetings were devoted to a discussion of National's latest pamphlet, WORLD ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: OUR SHARE IN A COMMON EFFORT. The first series of units discussed certain ideals of world economic development and the present programs as they are being carried out by national and international agencies. The second series of unit discussed criticisms of the existing programs and long-term plans for improvement.

The January membership meeting was devoted to the subject of an East-West center in Hawaii. Our guest speaker was Dr. Thomas H. Ige, Professor of Economics and Business at the University of Hawaii and Director of Asian Studies for the proposed East-West University. Professor Ige had just returned from an extensive trip to Southeast Asia and the Far Last, on behalf of the University. His topic was: "Some Asian Reactions to an East-West University in Hawaii."

The annual meeting in Larch will also have as its theme 3n aspect of Agenda Item I. The guest speaker will be Dr. Dai Ho Chun, Director of the International Cooperation Center of Hawaii and Professor of Education at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Chun will give an illustrated talk, describing the work of the Center, which he has entitled: Hawaii, East-West Bridge.

Members of the Committee are: Miss Helen Frederick, Miss Mildred Saunders, Mrs. Blanche Smith, Mrs. Grace Smith, Mrs. Genevieve Schutte, Mrs. Sue Thomas.

Miss Laura Draper met with the Committee during the summer months when monthly meetings, featuring reviews of important, recent books on foreign affairs, were held for the purpose of giving the Committee background on current world situations.

Mildred L. Saunders

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