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Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee conducted a personal contribution drive by mail to members in September. Six members responded and the total contribution was $30.50. Members were asked to name possible non-member contributors and a few additional names were added to the list of friends (63) of the League who were solicited in October. Twenty-seven friends contributed and the total collection was $313.50.

The League of Women Voters procured the saimin food concession for the 50th State Fair and in collaboration with Kaneda Food Service operated this concession and

$2,570.84 represented the League's share of the net profit. A separate report of this project is on file, and the agreement with Kaneda is on file with the President.


Contributed by members 30.50

Contributed by friends 313.50

Raised through Food Concession 2,570.84

Total $2,914.84

Alison MacBride, Chairman
Finance Committee Members 1959-1960:
L. Austin H. Fredericks M. Ichiyasu
A. J. Ku M. Musgrove G. Yokoi
S. Y. Young D. Lane L. Draper
V. Jones L. Rubbelke M. Wright

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