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New Officers and Portfolio Chairmen
Grace Smith to Convention
President's Report (Opal Sloane)
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Local Agenda Committee Report 1959-1960
Jail - Continuing Repsonsibility II (Blanch W. Smith)
Water Resources Committee Report (Dorothy Randall)
Publications (Helen Frederick)
Committee for National Agenda Item 1, April 1959-March 1960 (Mildred Saunders)


The "National Voter" delivery via first class mail was inaugurated during the year, following a request to the National office.

The President's publication file was reviewed by President Sloane, who submitted a list of publications which would stock the file with copies of each "League of Women" issue for future reference.

As publications became available from the National office for each of the Agenda Items, supplies were routed to the Leaders and committee members. the pertinent publications were also routed to the Unit meetings for those attending.

The remaining copies of "We Elect" and "They Appoint" (except for 10 file copies of each), have been given to the Library of Hawaii and the Department of Public Instruction.

Florence Meng of the Library of Hawaii plans to place copies in each of the branch libraries of the State as reference material.

Mrs. Rose Chow Hoy, Supervisor of Secondary Social Studies, felt they would be valuable reference material and plans to place copies in each of the State District offices of the Department of public Instruction.

Helen Frederick

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