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Finance - An Urgent Appeal to All Members

Finance - An Urgent Appeal to All Members

Owing to an unexpected resignation at the beginning of the year, we are without a Finance Chairman. All of our blandishments have failed to persuade any of the membership to take on the job. Several Board members have agreed to double in brass and letters have already gone out to non-member friends, asking for their continued support. This is to beg for yours.

Thanks to Blanche Smith and her Committee, the League has had an outstanding Voter's Service year. Ten thousand "CAN YOU VOTE" registration guides were distributed through twenty of the major industrial firms, the public library and the schools. Five thousand "KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES" were printed and 4,405 bought by thirteen private industries, "at cost," and distributed to their personnel. Unfortunately, because of the unprecedented number of candidates, and a little because of our inexperience, the "cost" we quoted the companies fell short of the actual expense. We have Ah Jook Ku and her printing savvy to thank that the deficit was not greater. However, a little shifting in the budget columns may take care of the discrepancy, if we can depend upon our estimated income.

Our budget is set up in the approved League pattern:

Dues $500 (so far only $440)

From reserve funds $600


Non-members $300

Members $200

Will our members please consult their consciences--as well as their pocketbooks--and see if they cannot find the extra dollars which we need to make up that $200? Just detach the form which appears below and send it with your contribution to:

Miss Margaret Wright P.O. Box 1222 Honolulu 7, Hawaii

This is my 1960/61 contribution to the League of Women Voters



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