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Waste Disposal

The Local Agenda Committee, in working on methods of waste disposal was handicapped in the search for land available for sanitary fill by a lack of long-range planning for land use. Therefore, when the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a conference on the proposed Master Plan for Oahu, the League welcomed the opportunity to send a delegate.

The Committee feels that it would be preferable to share the information gained from this conference with members attending the November Unit meetings, rather than to discuss further aspects of waste disposal at this time, since it is the aim of the Planning Department to achieve adoption of the Master Plan by the City Council early in 1961.

Layton Louis, City Planning Director, mentioned the following basic elements involved in drawing up a General Plan:

  1. Land use: zoning ford present and future agricultural, commercial, residential and industrial areas.

  2. Transportation system: all types of transportation facilities, including water, air, and surface.

  3. Community facilities: schools, parks, civic and administrative centers, water and sewage systems, and drainage facilities.

  4. Administrative and regulatory provisions: capital improvement program, zoning laws and subdivision rules designed to implement the general plan.

Perhaps this preliminary discussion will lead to a more intensive study of city planning by the Honolulu League. In the words of our Planning Director--"Our City is growing so rapidly that failure to provide for orderly development could result in chaos and economic suicide".

Liesel Phillip
Helen Fine

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