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Information of the Sewage Problem

The local agenda committee on "waste disposal" obtained interesting information on sewage disposal through the Department of Health. Our previous national agenda item on "water" is closely linked to pure water and sewage treatment or lack of it.

SEWAGE: (Waste matters of a community which is carried by water)

Methods of sewage disposal practiced here:

  1. CESSPOOLS consist of covered pits in the ground surrounded by brick, coral or cement rings which will allow seepage into surrounding soil.

  2. SEWER SYSTEMS carry the sewage through pipes to a central location where it may be treated for purification or where it may be diluted sufficiently to render it harmless from a health point of view. In the City of Honolulu (from Koko Head to Moanalua) all sewage is piped through Sand Island and beyond it for 2/3 of a mile into the ocean without any previous treatment. The Department of Health conducts periodic checks on any harmful effects on our beach waters. So far, this method is adequate. However, with the growth of our population, it may become necessary to extend the sewage emission pipe into the ocean or to treat the sewage. Treating sewage in a treatment plant involves settling of solid material and using the leftover liquid after purification for various purposes. The remaining solids can be discarded, incinerated or dried for compost.

About 65% of the homes in the City of Honolulu are connected to the city sewer system; the other 35% and most of the homes in rural Oahu depend on cesspools.

Wahiawa has a modern sewage treatment plant, while Kaneohe, Kailua, Pearl City, and Waianae will each get one soon.

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