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Additional Information -- Air Pollution

  1. Amount of Air Pollution:

    Total emission of air pollutants in Honolulu is about--301 tons per day.

    (Total refuse for Honolulu is 500-600 tons per day.)

    5% of emissions are from domestic sources

    50% of emissions are from transportation

    45% of emissions are from industry

    The present program of the Department of Health is designed to control the emission of dense smoke and particulate matter. In view of the increasing occurrence of air pollution manifestations, the need to extend the program to control invisible air pollutants is indicated.

  2. Diesel Truck Exhaust

    Exhaust from diesel engines can be minimized (according to Mr. Robert Nekomoto of the Department of Health) by proper operation of the truck and by keeping the motor in good repair.

    The State Highway Department has set up an instruction program to teach drivers to use diesel engines properly. With the help of a "Tachometer" (which measures revolutions per minute of the engine) a driver can tell which of the 18-20 forward shifts should be used to avoid excessive fumes. This is particularly important while driving uphill.

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