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Report from San Francisco -- Wish You'd Been There! (Gracia Bell)
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The National Agenda Committee has planned an interesting February meeting. On the agenda will be Gracia Bell's entertaining and pertinent report of her trip to San Francisco as our representative to the Carrie Chapman Memorial Conference.

Also on the program will be a discussion of the National Agenda item concerning the Balance of International payments.

At the instigation and with the blessing of National, Jean Clyde, Gracia Bell, and Lila Grossman interviewed our Senators and Congressmen and learned their attitudes towards one of the League's pet principles: Come to the February units and/or the membership meeting. We shall take a little time out to hear what they said.

Report from San Francisco -- Wish You'd Been There!

The LWV-CCCMF conference on January 17 and 18 was informative, inspiring and, at times, amusing. Your unworthy delegate kept wishing that all of our members could have shared in the idea-exchange that is so characteristic of LWV meetings--and in which we on our "rock" so rarely are able to participate.

Biggest and best news for the Honolulu League is that the National Board is well aware of our insular problems and plans to send live Leaguers down now and then so that we may have personal contact with the national committee. A committee member who has been assigned to Honolulu is a jewel among Leaguers. So save up your problems for her visit:

The speakers were illustrious and entertaining and covered the UN and world economic development in a manner familiar to LWV members. They were full of praise for the League and repeatedly emphasized that the League is one of the nation's most respected organizations, and in over 2,000 city halls, state capitols, and in Washington, the League is listened to.

Valuable discussion was provided by a panel of publicity purveyors--a columnist, a TV man, a minister and a PR man. Their main point was that if the League really makes significant news, the media will fall all over themselves to report it. Thus public relations is not just publicity, but the job of every member to make our program newsworthy.

Other nuggets of wisdom:

On membership: Leagues must have woman power, and must be aggressive. In too many towns women still think you have to be invited to join the LWV.

On political effectiveness: "Infiltrate the political parties and get League principles into the platforms of both parties." (Dr. Herbert McCloskey of the University of California, in a controversial but stimulating talk)

On Senators and Congressmen: Establish rapport, but don't harass the poor guys. Realize that they are familiar with the LWV lobbyists in Washington.

On Voters Service: Still the most important League activity. Use imagination in non-election years.

On Alaska: Bustling with the pioneer spirit and with three Leagues eager to get their state started right. Imagine Palmer, a town of 2,500 people, with an active and effective LWV with 50 members. In comparison, our Honolulu League seems settled, mature, and--let's face it--just a little bit lethargic. Is it the climate?

I could go on and on, and would love to over the phone. If you are curious about details to be gleaned from my full conference notebook, or about how other Leagues dealt with specific problems, please call me--39160. And thank you for sending me.

Gracia Bell

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