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LWV-Honolulu Proposed Slate of Officers for 1961-62

President, for a term of one year.

DR. TERU TOGASAKI, LWV member for 20 years. Joined Honolulu League when it was organized. Served Police, Parks & Recreation and Jail Study Committees. Has served on the Board as Publications Chairman and Corresponding Secretary.

First Vice-President, for a term of two years.

MRS. JEAN CLYDE, LWV member for one year. Served on Board the past six months as National Agenda Chairman.

Directors, for a term of two years.

MRS. ELIZABETH ALTUM. Has just joined the Honolulu League of Women Voters. Has been attending the Waialae-Kahala unit meetings. A Honolulu resident for two years, coming from Toledo, Ohio.

MRS. LILA GROSSMAN. Joined LWV two years ago in New York City. Since coming to Honolulu has attended Waialae-Kahala unit and served on National Agenda Committee.

MRS. DOROTHY RANDALL, member of LWV for three years. Has two years of Board experience as National Agenda Chairman and as Editor of the Bulletin.

Corresponding Secretary, for a term of two years.

MRS. GRACIA BELL, LWV member for six and a half years. Active in Leagues in Whittier and Palo Alto, California. Served as Public Relations Chairman, Publications Chairman and on the California State organizing Committee. Has been co-chairman of the National Agenda Item in Honolulu, and recently was our Delegate to the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund regional conference on the United Nations and Economic Development.

Nominating Committee, for a period of one year.




Further nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting, providing prior permission of the nominee has been gained.

Nominating Committee:
Miss Helen Frederick
Mrs. Jeanine McCullagh
Mrs. Alice Scott
Dr. Teru Togasaki
Miss Mary Musgrove, Chairman

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