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LWV-Honolulu - Income and Expenditures - 1960-61 (Margaret S. Wright)

Events of the Year

In this issue, we are publishing brief resumes of the work of your busy committees but we should also recall some of the out-of-the-ordinary events of the year.

In May, Grace Smith represented us at the national convention in St. Louis and Jeannine McCullagh, Blanche Smith and Katie Kortschak took part (officially!) in the ground-breaking ceremonies for the City and County jail.

In August, Helen Fine was our delegate to the Chamber of Commerce's City Planning Conference,

September-October, the whole membership gave a reception and League program to ten foreign VIP's who were on their way to the Mainland to observe the election. Thanks to Alice Scott's hard work and "pull", we were able to do it in style in Mabel Smyth's beautiful lounge, finishing the project by taking the guests, individually, to the polls and to lunch afterward.

Gracia Bell attended the United Nations-Economic Development Conference, sponsored by the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, in San Francisco in mid-January and Opal Sloane was the guest of the University of Hawaii at an adult education seminar to which the League had been invited.

Marion Saunders organized a luncheon for Madame Tongyai, the University's visiting Fulbright scholar, which our members attended. This was part of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund "Ideas Exchange" project.

In February, Gracia Bell again "stood in" for us at the Chamber of Commerce's planning session for its Aircade for Citizenship Action--the only woman there, she says!

Last but not least, our own Dr. Glover will describe her experiences in Indonesia as part of Project Hope, during the annual meeting.

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