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National Agenda - Annual Report
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LWV-Honolulu - Income and Expenditures - 1960-61 (Margaret S. Wright)

Membership Committee - Annual Report

The Honolulu League of Women Voters ends the fiscal year with a paid-up membership of 97. This includes 15 new and one reinstated member.

The committee has been active throughout the year. Jeannine McCullagh designed and mimeographed 1,000 leaflets, "This is Your League." They were planned primarily for distribution through the Welcome Wagon but are most useful for all prospective members.

Opal Sloane has interested her Unit in promoting membership and a number of names have come from this source, as well as from others.

The chairman has followed up on all prospects. In addition to receiving personal letters, they have been placed on the Bulletin mailing list for three months and have been cordially invited to attend meetings.

The committee extends thanks to the many Leaguers who have suggested names and who have brought newcomers to meetings.

Jeanine McCullagh
Opal Sloane
Laura A. Draper, Chairman
Membership Committee

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