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Unit Organization - Annual Report

At the close of this League year I believe we are still in search of the most effective way to bring the program of the LWV to the largest number of our members--and to do this in a way that is vital and interesting.

The morning unit meeting in the Waialae-Kahala area has been flourishing and has been the largest "growing edge" of our League. Due to many extraneous circumstances the small group meeting in Kailua has disbanded in recent months--it is our sincere hope that a fresh approach to this growing area can result in a strong unit--the potential is undoubtedly there.

The monthly evening meeting at the downtown YWCA has been a sort of hybrid unit and general membership meeting.

On the basis of this year's experience it is our hope that we can draft a more workable and appealing plan for meetings in the year ahead. Your thoughts on the subject are always welcomed.

Jeannine McCullagh

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