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From the Membership Chairman

From the Membership Chairman

The League is a nonprofit organization. About one third of the income comes from membership dues assessed by local Leagues. The other two thirds comes chiefly from contributions by members and public-spirited citizens outside the League. The League is a volunteer organization. No salaries are paid to officers and directors - national, state or local. League funds are spent only to carry out League work.

We need your participation in the League. The now board that was elected in March has had difficulties getting enough help to carry out its duties. You may spend as much or as little time as you wish but we do need help! You are not expected to be an expert in government; we are all novices when we take on a new job. We learn as we accumulate information and experience. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet in League activity--we want enthusiastic new ideas.

With the purchase of the mimeograph machine we hope to get more information to the membership. In this respect we can use those of you who have a few hours to contribute a month in typing. All willing volunteers please contact Betty Altum 775-647.

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