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National Agenda Item Suggestions
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National Agenda Item Suggestions

Your local League Board of Directors recommended to the National Board the following suggestions for National Agenda items for the study period 1962-64: "Support of the United Nations system with emphasis on full United States participation in the World Court, and on more study and knowledge of the newly independent countries", and "Study of anti-trust laws, their effect on large and small business, and the possibility of bringing labor unions under their jurisdiction."

The National Board will compile similar suggestions from all local Leagues and in February will send back to us their suggestions.

We will meet and discuss this late in February and send our further recommendations to National. The final decision will be made by the delegates to the National Convention in April.


We have had two sets of unit meetings concerned with arriving at a consensus on the study item of the past year and a half. We have sent the opinions and ideas of our League on to the National Board, and these, along with the opinions of the members of all the local Leagues in the country will form future League policy in the field of economic and trade policy.

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