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From the President's Desk

Our bulging calendar of events will keep Leaguers busier than lei sellers on boat day. The new City and County jail is nearing completion. Our final chapter in this community project is about to be written and I'm sure all of you will agree with me that it has been most rewarding. As a concluding step, League members and representatives from various organizations will have a special tour of the jail, Wednesday, Jan. 10. (see front page story.)

As a follow up to our visit and tour of the jail we are planning a panel discussion on rehabilitation for the public. Speakers, date and place to be announced.

Our 1962 "Know Your State Study" is slowly but surely taking form. A meeting with our State legislators during the special Budget session this Spring is planned.

And last of all we must take action on our trade study. Do you understand the trade issues? We will be asking for your cooperation as we take action in electing the community of the issues involved, as well as to the political, economic and military consequences of this timely international problem. p>Contemplating our busy January, February, March and April almost makes me want to join the lei sellers. This is a time for action. You are needed on the committees, call me at 725-325.

Teru Togasaki

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