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New Year's Resolutions of the Local Agenda Chairman

I WISH that in 1962 I could get at least 50 more League members interested in what's going on in planning so that they would take a more active part in our study.

I WISH that there were some way that I could let the entire membership know what a wonderful committee I have and how hard they are working! Liesel Philipp and Lela Brewer attend every meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Commission - as well as the workshops we have nearly every week. Peggy Gressitt does reams of typing for us as well as go to lots of meetings. We were lucky to have Jane Fellmeth from Kailua join our group. She was a Planning Commissioner in Calif. and gives us valuable advice. Ann Tiller and Gwen Geiger from Kailua have also been active in our activities.

I WISH I could find at least 2 more volunteers to take over regular attendance at meetings! The Planning Commission has decided to meet from l0:00 to 12:00 on Thursday mornings as well as afternoons. We are convinced that our "watch-dogging" activities are a very necessary thing. Call 746-260 for particulars.

I WISH I could think of some way to get Teru to lose my phone number so she wouldn't always be calling me up to write letters and make speeches!

I WISH that there were some way that I could let you all know what exciting things are going on in Honolulu Hale. You might be surprised!

I WISH I could get everyone's idea as to just what is meant by an "ex-officio" member of a committee. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I WISH that I could be sure that 1962 will bring happy planning for all of us.

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