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The Jail and Rehabilitation

The police classroom served as the meeting place for the February general meeting. The speakers were Chief Dan Liu, Inspector Yoshio Hasegawa, Capt. Roland Segura, Lieutenant Fred Kramer.

It was too bad there was not a better turnout because it was a most interesting meeting. The former jailer is now a lieutenant, and all the former employees were absorbed in the present jail as mandated by law.

Chief Liu stated that with the cooperation of the Univ. of Hawaii and the County extension a farm program is to be instituted, primarily for the alcoholics who form a considerable part of the census there in the Halawa jail. It has been found, he said, that farming is one of the most remedial ways of handling this most difficult problem.

Incidentally the prisoners really appreciate the beds, the cells and the cleanliness and the whole atmosphere and this will help toward the rehabilitation. The place is far superior to the Iwilei jail, and the safeguards so good that the problem of escapees will probably be considerable less.

There are three newspapers where there was none before; some friend has offered some magazine subscriptions, so with getting some educational help the rehabilitation is off to a good start. The Chief thanked the League for its perseverance in getting this new jail.

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