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[ Mrs. Joseph R. (Blanche) Smith ]

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu sadly announces the death of a valued member:

Mrs. Joseph R. (Blanche) Smith, Feb. 12, 1962. dire. Smith had been ill for several months.

Mrs. Smith joined LWV in 1949, and was active in many of the functions. She was chairman of the Voters Service for three different years giving freely of her time attending meetings, gathering information for the League and presenting factual information to the public before general elections with pamphlets on the non-partisan basis of the LWV. Mrs. Smith served three terms as President of LWV of Honolulu. She aided greatly in the studies and resultant bringing about of the new City Charter and the City and County Jail.

The Honolulu City Council adopted a resolution recognizing Mrs. Smith's contribution toward better government.

Mrs. Smith had been a teacher, was active as a PTA member, and gave much of her time and talents to many civic groups during the war and thereafter.

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