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State Study

On Feb. 13, Margared Holden of the Legis. Reference Bureau spoke on the various books, pamphlets and articles available for a State Study. There were four East-West Center Social Service trainees brought by Katherine Tyson.

On Feb. 16 there was another meeting on the State study at which time it was agreed to develop an outline of elements essential to a state study and submit both outline and individual study plans to units as base for unit meeting programs, and to encourage the units to undertake the responsibility of the state study to facilitate maximum membership participation.

In March there will be a morning meeting on the State Study group on the 20th at 10 am at 2426 Oahu Ave. It was felt it should be started so that those who are interested could devote some of the summer to the study. If this study is done early enough it will be possible to have state candidates at the candidates rally.

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