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Coming Attractions

The May general meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the YWCA, March 16, 1962. This is announced well in advance so that busy Leaguers can put it on their calendars -- it promises to be an outstanding event.

The time draws near for the expiration of the Trade Agreements Acts June 30th. Pres. Kennedy has spoken to many groups exhorting them to help liberalize the trade policies of the United States.

We will be culminating cur study on trade with a panel discussion on lowering tariff barriers. The following persons will be on the panel:

Prof. Shelly Mark - economist, U. of H.

Max Pillard Asst. V-P, Bank of Hawaii

Bob Hasegawa - AFL-CIO

The May units will be meeting early in the month to give background for this meeting. Watch for the May bulletin for more details. And start inviting your friends!!

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