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How Much Is Enough? (Gracia Bell, Maki Ichiyasu & Alison MacBride)
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How Much Is Enough?

That is the title of the brochure being sent these days to a group of leading citizens who have been (or, we hope, will become) contributors to the League.

We wish we could send one to each of our members, so all of you could read the compliments paid the LWV by newspapers, by Congressmen of both political parties, by Chambers of Commerce and Edward R. Murrow.

Alas, we can't afford to.

Already the League is indulging in deficit spending -- with more going out than is coming in.

Our finance drive this year will be an effort to equalize our budget. We must spend large amounts in this election year on a candidates' questionnaire and on a revision of "We Elect" if we are to be of service to the community.

That is why you have been called to help with the finance drive in one way of another. The committee has been most delighted with your response. If you were missed in the phoning, perhaps you would call Grecia Bell and volunteer to help go out after non-member contributions (39160). It will be a one-day drive, April 3.

If you can't help with time remember that the League also depends on member contributions. When you pay your dues, consider whether the League is really worth just $5 to you in information, stimulation and fellowship, as well as its value to the community. Any amount you might contribute will be received gratefully and used carefully.

The Finance Committee
Gracia Bell
Maki Ichiyasu
Alison MacBride

P.S. Our first member contribution--$25!!

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