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Special Annual Meeting Edition
LWV of Honolulu - Receipts, Expenditures, Proposed Budget (Laura Draper, Margaret Wright & Grace Yokoi)
Membership Committee Report (Betty Altum)
Local Agenda Item Committee Report (Betty Annas)
National Agenda Committee Report (Jean Clyde)
Local CR Report (Liesel Phillipp)
Report of Unit Chairman (Jeannine McCullagh)
Publications Report (Grace Yokoi)
Public Relations Report (Lila Grossman)
Proposed Slate of Officers for 1962-1963 (Opal Sloane)
Financing the United Nations

Local Agenda Item Committee Report

Local Item. A Study of Planning - with emphasis on Zoning - and

Support of Measures Promoting Orderly Development of the City and County of Honolulu.

Our activities in the past year have included: 3 presentations of material at all units, one general Meeting presenting a member of the State Legislature on planning and one in which the State

Planning Director spoke to us and our guests. We have been invited to attend several important planning luncheons and meetings, and we also to present our material to the Soroptomist Club.

Our interested and active committee of 7 has attended all meetings of the City Council, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Commission. We have had workshop meetings at least twice a month.

The Local Board has recommended we continue this item for another year as there is still much to be done. We have come to no final positions, but we did recommend to the City Council that they concentrate their efforts on the adoption of a General Plan for the City and County of Honolulu. Next year we are hoping to publish a pamphlet on zoning which will be intended for distribution within the community.

I would like to express my thanks at this time to the members of the committee who have devoted their time and interest to the study.

Betty Annas

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