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Special Annual Meeting Edition
LWV of Honolulu - Receipts, Expenditures, Proposed Budget (Laura Draper, Margaret Wright & Grace Yokoi)
Membership Committee Report (Betty Altum)
Local Agenda Item Committee Report (Betty Annas)
National Agenda Committee Report (Jean Clyde)
Local CR Report (Liesel Phillipp)
Report of Unit Chairman (Jeannine McCullagh)
Publications Report (Grace Yokoi)
Public Relations Report (Lila Grossman)
Proposed Slate of Officers for 1962-1963 (Opal Sloane)
Financing the United Nations

Public Relations Report

Public Relations and Publicity are inseparable actions in carrying out League work and programs, both inside the League as well as to the community. Mrs. Robert Zurbach's visit, as a representative from the National Organization Committee, confirmed our good community public relations by the easy flow of publicity that followed in her trail.

During her three weeks stay, last October she promoted a better understanding of the League's function and structure here on Oahu and on the other islands as well, through her many newspaper interviews, radio and television appearance, and as guest speaker at several community organizations.

Local members have been busy promoting our work and principles to the community through their acceptance of invitations at the jail dedication, City Council and committee hearings, businessmen's luncheons and coffee hours, and speaking before other women's organizations.

Keep up the good work! I feel I have an unofficial committee of over 100 dedicated workers,

Lila Grossman

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