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Annual Meeting 1962

April 1962

Special Annual Meeting Edition
LWV of Honolulu - Receipts, Expenditures, Proposed Budget (Laura Draper, Margaret Wright & Grace Yokoi)
Membership Committee Report (Betty Altum)
Local Agenda Item Committee Report (Betty Annas)
National Agenda Committee Report (Jean Clyde)
Local CR Report (Liesel Phillipp)
Report of Unit Chairman (Jeannine McCullagh)
Publications Report (Grace Yokoi)
Public Relations Report (Lila Grossman)
Proposed Slate of Officers for 1962-1963 (Opal Sloane)
Financing the United Nations

Publications Report

During the 1961-62 year, publications distribution was increased both to the public and to membership. The Politics of Trade and You and your National Government are our latest publications. These, as well as other pamphlets and the National Voter have been placed in the Library of Hawaii and its Oahu branches. The above two pamphlets were also given to the Director of Social Studies, Department of Education as resource material and also to the newspapers. Our three Congressmen were presented with copies of The Politics of Trade.

Help was extended to Hilo with organizational and program material in the formation of their League of Women Voters.

In the past few months a member in each Unit has been helping the Chairman in making publications more readily available to members. They are: Carol Morse, Waialae Kahala Unit; Jane Fellmeth, Windward Unit; Mildred Saunders, Waikiki Unit; the Publications Chairman has been taking care of the Manoa Unit.

Grace Yokoi

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