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Annual Meeting 1962

April 1962

Special Annual Meeting Edition
LWV of Honolulu - Receipts, Expenditures, Proposed Budget (Laura Draper, Margaret Wright & Grace Yokoi)
Membership Committee Report (Betty Altum)
Local Agenda Item Committee Report (Betty Annas)
National Agenda Committee Report (Jean Clyde)
Local CR Report (Liesel Phillipp)
Report of Unit Chairman (Jeannine McCullagh)
Publications Report (Grace Yokoi)
Public Relations Report (Lila Grossman)
Proposed Slate of Officers for 1962-1963 (Opal Sloane)
Financing the United Nations

Report of Unit Chairman

The League year ends on an optimistic note as far as our units are concerned. The Waialae-Kahala and Waikiki unit are firmly established, and thriving. The Windward unit is off to a good start, after a somewhat shaky beginning, and the reactivated evening unit, meeting in the Manoa area has had an encouraging response during the past few months. Attendance has been up, but we still are not reaching all of our members - this is the task of the year ahead. Centering our publications, membership and telephone committees in the units is proving a help to all concerned.

A special word of thanks to all the unit chairmen for their help and cooperation. Jan Marder and Marylee Mitchell, Waialae-Kahala; Mildred Saunders, Waiklki; Alice Scott, Evening; and Jane Fellmeth, Windward.

Jeannine McCullagh

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