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The League of Women Voters of Hawaii County has been officially accepted as a provisional league by the National Board of the League of Women Voters of the United States at their March Board meeting. This is a splendid achievement by this group of women when viewed in consideration that the first step occurred just last October 17, 1961 when Mrs. Robert Zurback from the National League and Mrs. Robert Black from the Honolulu League made a trip to Hilo to explore the possibilities of finding a few women who would be interested in organizing a League.

The Provisional League of Hawaii County is very proud of their first membership meeting which was also their first adventure with League type discussion. Mrs. Gerald Loweth reports that they had a wonderful time looking at a display which included everything from champagne to sardines, from sweaters to china which were imported. The price of the exporting country and the price in Hilo were noted. A questionnaire prepared by Dr. Beatrice Marquey, National Trade Study item, asked members to answer pertinent trade questions in writing and these were then discussed. The Hawaii County Provisional League found trade discussion meaningful and stimulating.

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