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Annual Meeting

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu held its Annual Meeting April 19 at Lau Yee Chai restaurant. The featured guest speaker was Dr. John Stauffer of the University of Hawaii. He discussed the implications of the Afro-Asian bloc in the United Nations. He stated that this bloc, which grew as the U.N. expanded its membership, has lessened the U. S. influence in the U.N. He reviewed the changing nature of the U.N., commenting particularly on the bond issue question, the growing military involvement of the U.N., the way the U.N. is, becoming more governmental in helping developing nations, and the increased size and membership of the U.N.

He stated also that these days the U.S. has been changing its image of the U.N. and criticism and the desire to have the U.S. pull out of the U.N. have become more vocal. Most of the controversy seems centered around the bond issue and the U.N. intervention in Congo.

Dr. Steuffer concluded by suggesting that the U.S. can expect the Afro-Asian bloc to remain united on the following points: ending colonial government swiftly around the world, economic development through the U.N., disarmament and nuclear control, pride in their status as newly independent nations.

Other guests at the Annual Meeting included Mr. and Mrs. Lee. Mr. Lee is president of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Association for the United Nations. He spoke briefly, explaining that the purpose of the organization was to interpret the U.N. to the community and enlist community support for the U.N.

At the business portion of the Annual Meeting, the budget and the slate of nominees were approved. Mrs. Nan Lowers was elected director for 2 years in place of Mrs. William Morse who was unable to accept the nomination.

In addition, the, membership approved continuing the present Local Agenda Item, the Waste Disposal C.R. and the Jail C.R.

Mrs. Philipp displayed the petition of the Local Agenda Committee favoring an over-all plan for the Waikiki-Diamond Head Area. Members who agreed, signed.

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