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City Planning News and Notes

Kawainui Swamp: The League has written to the City Council a letter which had large headlines in the morning paper on Tuesday May 15. It reiterated our support of city acquisition of Kawainui Swamp for regional park purposes, and stressed the now-or-6everness of the proposal. Two days later the news broke that Trousdale had resold said land at a tidy profit. Is it still now or already never? We feel it is more than ever now, and we have only begun to fight.

Our letter noted that there are indications the Kailua area is already over-built and over-planned for homes the size planned for Kawainui. Sales of homes are slow, prices falling.

Waikiki: Up to May 14 there has been no reply to our April 21 letter to the Mayor about congestion in the Kalia Road-Lewers Street area, where three more high-rise buildings (13- and 18-story!) are proposed. Our letter asked such questions as who is responsible for issuing building permits in an area where traffic flow is already nearly frozen, and who coordinates size of buildings with width of streets?

We asked that permits be withheld until the traffic problem is sol-ded. If no solution is found, we feel no further high-rise buildings should be permitted in this area at all.

Planning Director Fred Lee has said he is trying to work on the widening of Lewers Street.

We are awaiting developments (in the bread sense, not the literal, concrete, high-rise sense!)

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