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Convention Highlights

Interesting League speakers as well as guest speakers told of projects and results. Mr. George Romney told of the pooled efforts of the Michigan LWV and the Citizen's committee which successfully fought for a State constitutional convention.

Mr. Walt Whitman Rostow, under-secretary in the State Department, represented the Administration and spoke on the "Domestic Base of Foreign Policy".

Two awards were given by the League. One to NBC for giving time to "Continental Classroom" and the other award to Professor Odegaard for conducting the above program. In concluding his witty and delightful talk Prof. Odegaard stated the course would be repeated. The League was also presented with an award for its study on water.

At the conclusion of the Convention the Hawaii display, consisting of a map of the Islands noting the racial composition by percentages, the Hawaii State flag, and dolls of the Pacific area, was given to the Minnesota League.

New York and the U.N. was your delegate's next stop. There a UN flag and folder of information were obtained for use in our new study.

On the trip home a half hour was spent with Mrs. Robert Zurbach in Calif. She sends her greeting to all her Island friends. The California delegates want us to help nominate her to the National Board in 1964.

The kindnesses extended to the Hawaii delegate was overwhelming...and Alaska received the same treatment. Everyone was happy to see the two newest and most distant states represented. Questions most often asked were, How long have you been a League? and How many Leagues and how many members do you have? Many would love to come to Hawaii for a Convention!!!

Teru Togasaki

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