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Amendment to Charter up to Voters

The City Council passed on third reading a resolution to amend the City Charter in the November General Election.

The resolution to amend the Charter was suggested to the Council in June by the League of Women Voters of Honolulu through our local study of city planning.

The Charter change is the first amendment to the Charter since 1959 when it became the governing body of law for City-County administration.

The language of the resolution as it will appear on the November ballot reads in part: "The Planning Commission shall consist of nine members, seven of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council. The managing director and the budget director shall be members ex-officio of the commission.

The managing director and the budget director shall serve in an advisory capacity only and shall not vote; nor shall their presence be counted for a quorum... A majority of the appointed members shall constitute a quorum. The affirmative vote of the majority of the appointed membership shall be necessary to take any action"

Upon approval by a majority of the voters voting thereon and official certification of such result, the amendment shall take effect.

The local study committee is directing a community voter education project and would welcome and appreciate some. additional womanpower for this effort! Again the League offers its members an opportunity for grassroots participation in fostering good government!

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