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Bouquets to Our Congressmen

Trade Expansion Act of 1962

The Kennedy Administration won a real victory when their trade bill passed Congress by an overwhelming vote. This was the more liberal trade policy the League so valiantly supported and it was a real pleasure to note that our Hawaiian representatives in Congress all supported our position and voted for the bill.

Foreign Aid Appropriation

As this Bulletin goes to press this bill is in the hands of The Senate; after the House slashed it some $1.1 billion. Your League voiced its strong support of such aid and is currently doing all it can to get action in the Senate to restore a substantial part of the cut. We have wired our Senators from Hawaii stating our position.

This year all members were sent the pamphlet "Can You Vote?" We hope you will give the information to your neighbors and friends, especially on absentee voting. We hope to send all of you the Candidate's Questionnaire all filled out. It will be on the national level only.

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