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League Display

The University of Hawaii Library asked the League to display an exhibit relating to the services and work of the League in Honolulu. It was to stimulate interest in the coming elections.

Mrs. John T. Jacobsen, a new member, helped in the display. Her architect husband printed the signs.

On display are booklets and pamphlets, among them, Know Your Town and They Appoint. Material relating to the Charter and the Jail are also included. (Incidentally, we found that the old jail was built in 1857, according to the municipal librarian.)

The League's national programs from 1954 to 1962 are also on view. Other material displayed include the 1960 candidate questionnaire and the still unanswered questionnaire for our present candidates, and also the recent publication, Can You Vote?

The display is opposite the lending desk at the University of Hawaii Library. We hope all of you will be able to see it.

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