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Community Action

Voter education and League support of the City-County charter amendment has led to wide community contacts. Voters Service and publicity committee members meet with newspaper editors, labor union education personnel, radio and tv program directors and the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce to present the League's position on the charter amendment. Radio and TV public service spot announcements are scheduled for the last week before the general election. Did you read the editorial "That Blue Ballot". in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Thursday, October 18? Mr. Joe Rose at KGU is already informing the public of the amendment and Mrs. A.M. Annas appeared on the Don Carter Radio program at KTRG Friday morning October 26 and did a commendable job of answering callers' questions on the amendment.

Our National questionnaires were submitted to both Honolulu daily papers and were accepted by the Honolulu Advertiser for publication, i.e. prior to Cuba!

Professor Dan Tuttle interviewed the school advisory council candidates for the 4th senatorial district Thursday, October 25 on his "Pro and Con" TV program over KTRG Channel 13, 8 to 9 p.m. Candidates from the 5th senatorial district will be interviewed Thursday, Nov. 1. Mrs. Robt. Miller and Mrs. R. P. Nolan represent the League of Women Voters and the Hawaii Congress of P.T.A. respectively. Mrs. Richard Bell spoke for the League on the program before the primary election.

We are most grateful to the news media throughout Honolulu for the excellent cooperation we have had with the voters service work, and to Mrs. May Nagaoka at the YWCA for her untiring efforts in answering our phone and informing the many callers on the registration and voting requirements.

All League members can take a part in community action these days by spreading the word about a "yes" vote on the blue ballot.

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